What You Need To Know

Ohio's Timeline

Ohio’s educrats, politicians, education reform opportunists, and big biz welcomed Bill Gates and his multi-millions long before the 2009 financial crisis that would give life to the dusty federal takeover plan now known as Common Core. Originally crafted by Marc Tucker during the Clinton administration, is was a progressive’s dream come true. There was much to be learned from their initial attempt with Goals 2000 and learn they did.

  1. Bring all the unlikely characters together – Dems, Repubs, Progressives, Big Biz, Educators and “so-called” Philanthropists
  2. Stay on the same page and repeat the same message – rigor-rigor-rigor.
  3. Make the carrot of federal $ impossible to turn down – opportunity birthed of crisis.
  4. Start out with the safe subjects of Math and ELA, staying away initially from subjects such as History.
  5. Devise a plan that circumvents state legislatures and Congress.

With help from our SBOE, ODE, Governor(s) and a few key legislators, the Feds now effectively control every Ohio education option via common standards, national assessments and massive data access.

We’ll start the Fed Ed takeover timeline at January 2009. (Sources will continue to be added to this page.)

Ohio Grantmakers Forum Recommendations to Strickland Administration “Beyond Tinkering” Jan 20, 2009 – The recommendations are common core, they just weren’t known as such. The other big CC win was the inclusion in Strickland’s budget-HB1, requiring the SBOE to revise standards no later than June 2010. Wow, what a coincidence.

Gates “Race to the Top” Support to States – Due to Gates pre-takeover work, he established a dozen+ states to be the forerunners for the standards. All CCS supporters have one thing in common…a revenue stream from the Gates Foundation.

Gates Addt’l Support to States for “Race to the Top” Grant Prep – Feeling they may be missing out on controlling as many states as possible via federal purse strings, Gates offers to come to the aid of all states in preparing their RTTT application, providing of course they agree to the stringent terms boldly stated on the offer.

SBOE Nov 2009 Meeting Minutes-Final – One need only read this set of minutes to answer the question of what ails Ohio’s education policy. Radical education progressive, Linda Darling-Hammond, is given accolades for her contribution to the Race to the Top advisory committee, along with KnowledgeWorks and the Ohio Grantmakers Forum. See yellow highlighted text.

SBOE Dec 2009 Meeting Minutes-Final – Deputy Superintendent, Martha Toyer reports on the status of Race to the Top. Acknowledging that The Parthenon Group, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, has assisted with the technical writing for the RTTT application “to ensure it fulfills the requirements of the application”. Pages 14 & 15

Ohio’s Race to the Top Application Phase 1-Jan 2010