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When you can’t get a straight answer to a straightforward question, it’s time to start digging. An inquiry into the nature and causes of recent trends in education policy will reveal the players and strategies seminal to the erosion of local control and parental engagement in the learning process. This page will be continually updated and these players and plans will be continually exposed as we offer truth to power in response to the lies and politics coming out of Columbus.

ODE “Facts” Exposed

ODE “Facts” Exposed

Quick Facts on Ohio’s Common Core State Standards (distributed 4.26.13 to legislators and the State Board of Education. OACC rebuttal appears in red followed by full list of sources.) While this is from 2013, it is a great resource against their tired old talking points of local control and state-led reform.

Ohio HB 1 in 2009 required the State Board of Education to adopt new standards.  HB1 was Governor Strickland’s budget.  Ohio Grantmakers, the Ohio Business Roundtable, Fordham, Achieve and others, having received funding by the Gates Foundation, proposed, advised and secured the path to what would later become the Common Core Standards.  Big business, such as testing and publishing companies, and special interests, such as the Gates Foundation, are being served – not students, parents and teachers.

The Common Core standards were developed by states, not the federal government. Governor Strickland, State Superintendent Delisle and SBOE President Cain agreed to adopt the Common Core Standards as a part of the
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