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Protecting Our Children & Reclaiming Our Classrooms

Parents - You must put into context what is being done to your children. How would you respond if any other professional, say your child's pediatrician or dentist, lied to you, ignored your concerns, and placed your child in harms' way? I'm betting, you'd protect your child, make sure those involved were stopped, and spread the word to other parents. So from that perspective, consider the following...

- In a bold legislative "bait and switch", the PARCC assessments were replaced by equally invalid and unproven assessments by testing giant, American Institutes for Research. The A.I.R, describes itself as "one of the world's largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations" according to their 'About Us' page.

- We are witnessing first hand the destruction of public K-12 education. No longer grounded in academics, it's become a profitable social experiment for the benefit of political and corporate interests. The replacement of PARCC did nothing but change testing vendors. In practical terms, the ODE has simply traded "a less competent Social and Emotional Learning assessment instrument for a more competent one".

- The tests are still high-stakes, still collect personally identifiable data, and are still aligned with the Common Core State Standards (aka Ohio's New Learning Standards). It's nothing more than a shell game; a dangerous one that perpetuates a failing program that will cost your child yet another year of his/her K-12 education.