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What sets HB176 apart from other education "reform" legislation at the state and federal level claiming to solve our education woes?

HB176 is the ONLY legislation that restores local control by returning authority back to our parents and schools!

Restoring the Fundamentals of Local Control

  1. Local Control of curriculum and instruction – HB176 returns the use and structure of content standards to the local district by adoption of proven, content-based state level standards, which will serve as guidance for districts. In combination with the replacement of current pedagogical assessments with the historically popular norm-referenced assessment, Iowa Test of Basic Skills (pre-Common Core aligned version), districts and schools will be free to design programming, thus allowing classroom level decisions regarding curriculum and instruction. Coherent, norm-referenced testing options will be available for graduation and diploma requirements as well.
  2. Local Control of instruction priorities and class schedules – HB176 requires the annual year-end state assessment be administered after 90% instruction and/or no earlier than the last week of April. Further, the elimination of high school end-of-course exams prevents class schedule disruptions, dictation of course instruction, and a non-stop testing environment.
  3. Local Control of faculty evaluation and development – HB176 eliminates the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA), as well as the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES). This will greatly reduce testing and restore instruction time.
  4. Local Control of Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – HB176 eliminates the state level Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. This will return the evaluation determinations to the local level, end the enormous data collection involved, and return our kindergarten teachers and children to the classroom.
  5. Protection of student and teacher data – HB176 prohibits student-level and non-aggregated data reporting or non-authorized access to such data. The elimination of state and federal level evaluations - OTES, OPES and RESA - protects our teaching professionals and administrators, and eliminates requirement to link each individual student score to the individual teacher and class.
  6. Protection of content and assessment stability – HB176 prohibits the adoption of, or revision to state adopted standards without approval of an independent Standards Review Committee, comprised of - Ohio parents, Ohio educators preschool through higher ed, child psychologists, and other professionals - and which is independent from the state board and the department of education; followed by a minimum of three legislative hearings and approval by both houses of the General Assembly by Concurrent Resolution.
  7. Protection of transparency and community – HB176 requires state level standards and selected assessments be transparent, valid and reliable. It is critical that parents, teachers and school officials trust the program, the process, and its purpose, if we expect our schools to successfully serve our children and our communities.

HB176….Prioritizing Students, not Special Interests

L.A.R.A. - Local Authority Restoration Act HB176