Need Calls to Education Cmte!

HB481 Protects ALL Opt Out Students & Funding:

Public, EdChoice & E-School

Possible Committee vote next Tuesday, May 3rd

They need to hear from us...

Phone numbers and emails listed, call from carpool line or soccer practice!



"You should Opt Out because...

1- These tests provide no useful information

2- These tests waste a huge amount of time and money

3- Scores are used to rate teachers and schools by invalid measures

4- You should do what's in your child's best interest..." ~Diane Ravich

Watch the #OptOut2016 video message by clicking here

Testing vs Teaching

It is your responsibility to advocate on your child's behalf. The A.I.R. assessments have not been proven valid or reliable and should be rejected until this is qualified by established assessment development protocol. Anything less is education malpractice. #OptOut2016

Children or Human Captial?

Education is the direct portal to future workers, consumers and voters, which is why special interests and big government relentlessly seek to control it. Common Core is the capstone of a decades long “education reform” agenda, whose goal is to globalize and corporatize the American classroom.

Common Core & Education

We are witnessing the end of a knowledge and academic content education for the efficiency and profits of a data driven, workforce development system. It is our responsibility to stop this destruction and restore education to its statutorily defined and protected local control status where the parents can direct their child's education.

Ohioans for local control

Ohioans for Local Control is an education advocacy group. Through information and outreach, our goal is to generate policy that prohibits any state authority from adopting education programs, standards, or assessments that are national in nature, that infringe upon local district authority, or which may be used to coerce the development of local curricula or instruction.


Understanding what's in Ohio statute and what's needed to protect our children, our classrooms and our schools. Your child belongs to you.

Data Mining

Data is the new currency and the Common Core State Standards Initiative is powered by your child's personally identifiable information.

Take Action

Reclaiming authority over your child's education and future starts by reclaiming local control of your child's classroom. Parents must protect their authority.


Common Core is not an academic rich, knowledge based system. It is an experiment focused on social and emotional learning objectives.